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BROWN’S USA 6 Inch Scraper. Made From Material: Stainless Steel. The Surface Mirror Chrome. Durable as  Rust-Proof; the handle material:…
HOTECHE  Metal Scrapper, 40 Millimeter. Manual Scraper Has A Practical Plastic Handle And Stainless Steel Blade.  Includes Five Spare Blades.…
HOTECHE Wire Brass Brush 4 Rows. Ideal For Removing Paint Stains, Rust, Welding Slag, Solder, Scale, Great For Remove Corrosion…
Worksite Putty Knife 3 inch (75mm) Material: Stainless Steel, surface mirror Chrome, Rust-Proof; the handle material: PP+TPR, dipped twice. WT3139…
Material: stainless steel, surface mirror chrome, rust-pro; the handle material:PP+TPR, dipped twice. WT3141
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