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WORKSITE 6 Inch Cable Cutter. High-Quality Cable Cutter Hand Tool. Hardware Cutter Plier 6″/160mm Cable Cutter. Suitable For Cutting Cables…
This hedge trimmer is the ideal tool for trimming and shaping your shrubs and decorative plants. Reach any shrub far…
5pcs Jig saw blade Optmized for Cutting Metal/Steel.
Worksite Putty Knife 3 inch (75mm) Material: Stainless Steel, surface mirror Chrome, Rust-Proof; the handle material: PP+TPR, dipped twice. WT3139…
Material: stainless steel, surface mirror chrome, rust-pro; the handle material:PP+TPR, dipped twice. WT3141
5pcs Jig saw blade Optmized for Cutting Metal/Steel.
Highly Durable and Efficient Utility Knife 18mmStainless Steel Auto Replacement Blade Strong Plastic Cover is Comfortable to Hold Made with…
Worksite 7″/175mm Wire strippers cutter features forged-steel construction for durability. A rust-resistant finish protects these wire strippers from the elements…
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