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PVC SCHEDULE 40: Pipe and Fittings are for pressure applications such as Lawn, Pool and Spa or Landscape have high…
CPVC Collar (Hot)
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CPVC Collar (Hot)

CPVC Collar (Hot) Collar CPVC White is for hot and cold water distribution. It is for pressure systems where temperatures…
Suited for hot and cold water pressure distribution systems, this 90-degree slip x slip elbow features female socket connections and…
CPVC Male Adaptor (Hot)
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CPVC Male Adaptor (Hot)

This male adapter is ideally suited for hot and cold pressure distribution systems. This CPVC-CTS male adapter with washer features…
Hose Repair – Hose End Female PVC – P09-310012 What you get: a garden hose repair kit gives enough quantity…
PVC LENGTH OF PIPE CPVC  – 1/2 Inch PVC is a man-made polymer solid and one of the world’s most…
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