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PVC LENGTH OF PIPE CPVC – Use Of Handling Water – Long Term Safe Material- CPVC 1/2 Inch Pipe Inch



  • PVC is a man-made polymer solid and one of the world’s most utilized plastics. This plastic is known by its full name polyvinyl chloride, simply as vinyl and perhaps best known by its abbreviation: PVC. Polyvinyl chloride is produced through a chemical synthesis reaction that allows PVC to be manufactured into many product forms that are intended for various applications. PVC is a highly versatile material capable of being produced in either flexible (PVC) or rigid (uPVC) forms, with color or as translucent clear and according to required shapes and sizes. When it comes to PVC, there are at least seven (7) major application areas that utilize this widely employed material. If looking to better understand the plastic PVC as well as how and what it is used for, read on as we explore the most common uses of what PVC is used for.
  • First and foremost, the use of PVC within water plumbing and pipes is collectively considered to be the largest PVC application by quantity and weight mass. Using PVC for handling water was also one of the first scenarios that implemented PVC into modern society and infrastructure after its discovery. PVC resin can be extrusion molded into various size diameter and length pipes that are intended to convey water supplies to buildings, facilities and equipment. The production and modification of PVC water pipes is a strictly regulated process that is overseen by governmental and independent authorities in North America. Standards set forth by the FDA, ANSI, NSF and the ASTM dictate what materials and/or additives are acceptable for PVC when used in water handling scenarios. Due to regulations, PVC is considered a non toxic, long term safe material option that is suited for potable water, non potable water and process water scenarios. Other service and plumbing codes can control the suitability of PVC pipe for specific water installations. This overall application of PVC is recommended for unheated water delivery only due to the material’s fairly low temperature threshold.





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